Action of the Vrouwen van Nu Heerjansdam

They are a department of the national association Vrouwen van Nu, the largest women’s organization in the Netherlands. They are a meeting place for women who care about their living environment, who want to develop their creativity, who want to work on their personal development and who want to make their voice heard in society. Gre Hagendijk, member of the Heerjansdam department and regular volunteer of our Foundation, has made the association aware of our activities.

The association then decided to donate the annual Christmas collection to our Foundation, how beautiful that is. This enables us to undertake additional activities for the children in Tanzania in February, when we travel to Dar es Salaam with people with a disability.

On January 8, 2020 we will give a presentation for the women in Heerjansdam about our objectives from the Netherlands and our work in Tanzania. The amount that has been collected with the collection will also be announced.