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Xarafa Rugzak – Backpack 20

Rugzakken Xarafa

My name is Adam Foya from Tanzania, born and raised in different regions of this big, beautiful country with diverse nature and people. For me, designing has mostly been a self-taught process that continually provides opportunities to learn and grow. I grew up with a mother who used to be a seamstress, I gained valuable and practical knowledge just watching her sew and interact with clients and her colleagues.
The colors of the Kitenge cloth, which is the common name for the African print in East Africa, is one of the most compelling elements of this work. The colors are usually vibrant and expressive, and the practice of mixing different fabrics in one item enhances its beauty while ensuring that no single item in any store is alike. Currently our production system involves outsourcing in making of the items. We always make a point to work with seamstresses as part of our team.

When you purchase a bag of Xarafa you don’t only support the local Tanzanian people but also the Yourright Foundation.

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