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Yourright Foundation Team

In February we went to Dar es Salaam with our Foundation. We performed the following activities there:

Workshops making cuddly toys and bags given to children from SalaSala, at Green Pastures Orphanage and Kituo Baba Oreste.
Dorms and corridors painted at Green pastures Orphanage. Provided support and advice to Kituo Baba Oreste on how to deal with children with multiple disabilities.
We also brought a lot of clothing, toys and food from the Netherlands to distribute on the spot.


Visit to a children’s home in Dar es Salaam

In February 2018 Nicole traveled to Dar es Salaam. There she visited the children who attended the workshops in 2015. It was good to see that these workshops are still having an effect. She has also provided basic modules here. She also visited a children’s home and made supporting agreements. Many things have also gone that way, such as clothing and toys.


Participatory drama workshop

Nicole and Branko went to Tanzania for 2 months in May 2015. In May we met Carl-Erik from Mokicco in the north in Marangu. We had extensive discussions with him and also looked at how Mokicco wants to achieve a better future for children. Mokicco ensures that street or orphan children are placed in a family home. Experienced here are the stability and safety of a family. Mokicco supports these families financially and with advice and assistance.

In June we went to Dar es Salaam where Nicole gave participatory drama workshops to street children and Branko with children from SalaSala gave soccer clinics.

Soccer clinics with kids from SalaSala