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Organization, Policy & Finance

The Yourright Foundation is a non profit organization.

Name, contactdetails and taxnumber
Stichting Yourright Foundation

Waterloop 34

Phone +31 15 3647270
Mobile +31 6 129 70 504
Email info@yourright-foundation.org

Taxnumber RSIN 859185643
Chamber of Commerce registration 72645598

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration regards Yourright Foundation as a public benefit organization (ANBI)

The Board
The board is committed to make the foundation future proof.

Chairman: Nicole Schuijer
Treasurer/Secretary: Branko Driessen
Boardmember: Monique Sam-Sin
More informatie about the board can be found here.

Remuneration policy
The board members perform their duties on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for this.

Mission and vision
Yourright Foundation provides support to children worldwide, but primarily in Tanzania, in the field of self-reliance.
Self-determination, equality, responsibility, tolerance, solidarity, reasonableness and justice are our starting points.

We work together with local partners and initiatives. By joining forces, we can help more children and provide better support.
In the end we always try to make a difference in the lives of children – regardless of their origin, race, ethnicity and religion.

The foundation strives for the following goals:

  • to promote the self-reliance of children and people worldwide;
  • providing (on a project basis) training to people in the field of lifeskills, health care, hygiene and education;
  • the raising of funds (money and goods) to finance the initiatives;
  • we want to offer people from the Netherlands with disabilities the opportunity to transfer their skills to the children as a trainer on the spot. 
    With the ultimate aim of a stable organization on site that is able to function independently.

For the training we use experienced trainers and supervisors from both the Netherlands and on the spot.
Thanks to the help of our donors, we contribute to a future perspective for children in a less privileged position.

Policy plan
We have written our plans, goals and it’s approach in our policy plan. You can find this policy plan here (in Dutch)

You can find our financial documents here (in Dutch)