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Mokicco December 2019

Mokicco December 2019

Dear friends,

I write this last newsletter of this year 2019 on the same day that 13 students graduate in our industrial school. Each student received a sewing machine (photo 1) and an amount to start with. The graduation took place in our center in Marangu mtoni.

The graduation was part of a seminar for our parents in our 26 families. We meet every year to get to know them better and learn the purpose of MOKICCO. On the pictures you can see some of the parents who participated in this seminar. At the end of 2019 we can summarize that a lot of work has been done, but also that we have received more help than in previous years. In fact, we have spent more money on spending than we have on income – 26 families, 20 homes, 13 students in our industrial school, a kindergarten, and through our mission fund seven sponsored evangelists, two bookstores, and about 50 people who have received help for microprojects . And all without begging for one shilling. God is faithful and the donors are faithful! And the work is still ongoing.

Next year we will help this poor family (see photo) with a new house – that will be the start of the new year.

We thank you for this year and look forward to next year.