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Hairbands for a good cause

At the end of July, with the help of a number of good friends, we handed over an order of 550 hair bands to the MommaLuv Foundation. They started their campaign today in which they use these hair bands. That is the reason why we couldn’t communicate about this great assignment / revenue for Yourright Foundation before.

Mokicco October 2019

I think the main event from the last month was the coming of a young, new married couple from Sweden – Jesper and Rebecca Stighem.

They have felt that they wanted to do some work for MOKICCO during three months. They have paid their own tickets. Jesper is a theologian and has worked in a Lutheran parish in the south of Sweden. Rebecca has been a teacher for immigrants in Sweden. Both are committed Christians.

Where should they work?
Yes, we agreed upon that they would give their months in Mwangaria and our industry school there. 13 students are studying there, planning now for the end of the course the first weekend in December. (picture) We think that Jesper and Rebecca will be of tremendous help for us giving structure for the future of this school. The aim has shifted from only being in course in sowing but to be a “Mission school”, concentrating on entrepreneurship and help the teenagers from the MOKICCO fellowship (today 26 families with 140 children) to have a vision and a goal for their lives. The aim is also to interview every student and ask them what they really would like to do in the future. When a new course starts in January I think we will have got many ideas and recommendations from Jesper and Rebecca.

Thank You for standing with us in this work!


Kituo is building a changing room

Kituo Cha Baba Oreste has started building a changing room for the girls. This allows them to dress the girls in a screened room after showering. Kituo itself financed this building. They lack the means to build a changing room for the boys. We have therefore decided that we will be responsible for the construction and financing of this dressing room. In addition, we ensure that on our next visit in February 2020 the changing rooms will be painted and further furnished.

Waterland Market

Today was the first Waterland Market in our own neighborhood. An initiative of local residents to do some sort of garage sale. The weather cooperated and in addition to the usual stuff we also went through our own garage, storage room etc to sell stuff. The full proceeds are of course for the foundation. We also received extra items for sale on site. It was a nice day with a nice return for our foundation. We look back on a successful 1st Waterland Market that will certainly be continued.

Mokicco September 2019

In September 2013 – we had been here in Tanzania not one year – we were invited to a parish called Mwangaria. It was – and is – situated around 40 kilometers from where we live at the slopes of Kilimanjaro.  When we passed a village with huts and dirty shops I felt like a voice within me: “It is in this area that you will concentrate your work”.

 After some time – or if it was the same day . I met a Pentecostal pastor on the road and he directly on the spot offered me a plot. He had a vision of starting a work with orphan children and had had a contact in Europe but for some reasons this contact did not work. So now – I was offered that plot and on that plot we – step by step – built up a school for those of our orphan children who do not go to secondary schools for further studies. Just now we have 13 teenagers training there in sowing. But we do not have only that school in that area. May I mention for You what we until today are doing in Mwangaria and in the region called Kahe?

  1. Four family homes, totally 30 orphan children.
  2. This industry school (picture)
  3. Kindergarten. 20 poor children.
  4. Fish project for a poor Sunday School teacher.
  5. A new built house for a handicapped family. (picture)
  6. Sponsorship for a Lutheran evangelist.
  7. Sowing machine for a poor sick man.
  8. A new built house for a widow.
  9. Salaries for two poor evangelists.

Our children work MOKICCO has really made an impact in this area. This month we were offered a big plot for harvesting maize in another village there. We are just now building a house for a poor widow in Mwangaria. And from that village I recently heard that boys there have teams of football and one team is called MOKICCO! 15th of September I was called to preach in the parish of Kisange-Sangeni in this Kahe region. The parish is rather small and poor but now they try to build a Church there. As You can see on the picture they have not finished that project yet but they really try.

 What I felt inside in me in September 2013 was not my own imagination – it was the voice of the Holy Spirit: “You shall concentrate your work here”.

Thank You for standing with us in our future ministry in Kahe region and in other places in Tanzania!

Support from Football Club Neptunes Schiebroek

David Jas is a player at Neptunus Schiebroek. He’s a friend of Francesca, who joined us on the first trip to Tanzania. He arranged that Yourright received 2 complete sets of football kits for the children of SalaSala. These kits were delivered by Maria in August. In addition to this donation, David has now also set up a sponsorship campaign at Neptunus. How cool is that.

Looking back at Pasar Botanica

The Pasar Botanica took place on Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September in the Botanical Garden of the Technical University Delft. Originally an Indonesian event, but as a NGO with Delft as our location we were also allowed to decorate a colorful stand. We have been able to sell some things and children have colored their own Yourright Foundation backpack. Another objective these days was to get know in Delft. And we succeeded. We have had great conversations and hopefully this will result in new appointments such as benefit dinners and / or workshops.

Visit to Italy

Last week we have delivered donated clothes, stuffed animals and food to Esther and Maurizio from Kituo Cha Baba Oreste in Italy. As you might know, Maurizio is Italian and the family visits Italy every year. They will take all these goods to Kituo Cha Baba Oreste in Dar es Salaam next week.
We have also given a sewing machine with which they can sew items for sale there. Nicole taught Esther how the machine works and hair bands have already been made for sale in Italy and Tanzania. It was an exciting reunion.

Impact at Kituo Baba Cha Oreste

Our workshops in February are still being copied. We have left materials behind so that they can make cuddly toys, bags, bracelets etc. with the children themselves. How beautiful it is to see that they still get satisfaction from this. Proud of the impact we have.

Workshop/dinner and dinner buffet

Donderdag 21 juni

On Thursday June 21th we organized a workshop with dinner for a team from the Pameijer Foundation. Everyone made a nice cuddly toy and in between a delicious dinner was served. A number of people also bought something from our “shop”. Everyone went home with a nice toy.

On Thursday June 27th we organized a dinner buffet for 50 teachers and staff from Stanislas College in Rijswijk. We provided the buffet on location and everyone enjoyed Nicole’s cooking skills. We have also been able to tell about our work in Tanzania. These two activities have again generated some money for our account so we can do beautiful things on our next trip.