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Girls dressing room painted

The girl’s dressing room that was built at Kituo Cha Baba Oreste was painted by a number of volunteers last week. Look below for the result how beautiful it has become. On the last photo you can see the view through to the showers that now have a dressing area.

ANBI status granted


Just received a message from the Dutch tax authorities that the ANBI status has been granted to the Yourright Foundation from 11 September 2019.

The Dutch Tax Authorities regard Yourright Foundation as a public benefit organization (ANBI).

Donating money to the foundation is therefore not only fiscally beneficial for donors, but also for the foundation itself. Donations are tax deductible (for Dutch tax-payers) under this scheme and the Yourright Foundation does not have to pay a gift tax. This increases the effectiveness of the donations.

What’s your dream?

ABN AMRO Bank’s  campaign “Vooruitbankieren” asked: what are your dreams and how you will achieve them financially. It’s great that Branko has been given the opportunity to tell our dream.
The video is on the bank’s internal channel and unfortunately cannot be shared.
Below an impression of the video.

In this way, almost 20,000 colleagues are introduced to Yourright Foundation.

Vrouwen van Nu Heerjansdam

Action of the Vrouwen van Nu Heerjansdam

They are a department of the national association Vrouwen van Nu, the largest women’s organization in the Netherlands. They are a meeting place for women who care about their living environment, who want to develop their creativity, who want to work on their personal development and who want to make their voice heard in society. Gre Hagendijk, member of the Heerjansdam department and regular volunteer of our Foundation, has made the association aware of our activities.

The association then decided to donate the annual Christmas collection to our Foundation, how beautiful that is. This enables us to undertake additional activities for the children in Tanzania in February, when we travel to Dar es Salaam with people with a disability.

On January 8, 2020 we will give a presentation for the women in Heerjansdam about our objectives from the Netherlands and our work in Tanzania. The amount that has been collected with the collection will also be announced.



In memoriam

Today we received the sad message from Dar es Salaam that Christian, one of the children of Kituo Cha Baba Oreste, died yesterday. He fell into a well near his house and died as a result of this accident.
Our thoughts are with Christian’s family and all employees of Kituo.

Girls changing room ready

The construction of the changing room at the showers for the girls has been done in a very short time. So good in fact that construction has been completed. View the photos for the beautiful result.
The construction of the boys’ dressing room will start soon.

Hairbands for a good cause

At the end of July, with the help of a number of good friends, we handed over an order of 550 hair bands to the MommaLuv Foundation. They started their campaign today in which they use these hair bands. That is the reason why we couldn’t communicate about this great assignment / revenue for Yourright Foundation before.

Mokicco October 2019

I think the main event from the last month was the coming of a young, new married couple from Sweden – Jesper and Rebecca Stighem.

They have felt that they wanted to do some work for MOKICCO during three months. They have paid their own tickets. Jesper is a theologian and has worked in a Lutheran parish in the south of Sweden. Rebecca has been a teacher for immigrants in Sweden. Both are committed Christians.

Where should they work?
Yes, we agreed upon that they would give their months in Mwangaria and our industry school there. 13 students are studying there, planning now for the end of the course the first weekend in December. (picture) We think that Jesper and Rebecca will be of tremendous help for us giving structure for the future of this school. The aim has shifted from only being in course in sowing but to be a “Mission school”, concentrating on entrepreneurship and help the teenagers from the MOKICCO fellowship (today 26 families with 140 children) to have a vision and a goal for their lives. The aim is also to interview every student and ask them what they really would like to do in the future. When a new course starts in January I think we will have got many ideas and recommendations from Jesper and Rebecca.

Thank You for standing with us in this work!


Kituo is building a changing room

Kituo Cha Baba Oreste has started building a changing room for the girls. This allows them to dress the girls in a screened room after showering. Kituo itself financed this building. They lack the means to build a changing room for the boys. We have therefore decided that we will be responsible for the construction and financing of this dressing room. In addition, we ensure that on our next visit in February 2020 the changing rooms will be painted and further furnished.

Waterland Market

Today was the first Waterland Market in our own neighborhood. An initiative of local residents to do some sort of garage sale. The weather cooperated and in addition to the usual stuff we also went through our own garage, storage room etc to sell stuff. The full proceeds are of course for the foundation. We also received extra items for sale on site. It was a nice day with a nice return for our foundation. We look back on a successful 1st Waterland Market that will certainly be continued.