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Visit to Italy

Last week we have delivered donated clothes, stuffed animals and food to Esther and Maurizio from Kituo Cha Baba Oreste in Italy. As you might know, Maurizio is Italian and the family visits Italy every year. They will take all these goods to Kituo Cha Baba Oreste in Dar es Salaam next week.
We have also given a sewing machine with which they can sew items for sale there. Nicole taught Esther how the machine works and hair bands have already been made for sale in Italy and Tanzania. It was an exciting reunion.


Impact at Kituo Baba Cha Oreste

Our workshops in February are still being copied. We have left materials behind so that they can make cuddly toys, bags, bracelets etc. with the children themselves. How beautiful it is to see that they still get satisfaction from this. Proud of the impact we have.


Workshop/dinner and dinner buffet

Donderdag 21 juni

On Thursday June 21th we organized a workshop with dinner for a team from the Pameijer Foundation. Everyone made a nice cuddly toy and in between a delicious dinner was served. A number of people also bought something from our “shop”. Everyone went home with a nice toy.

On Thursday June 27th we organized a dinner buffet for 50 teachers and staff from Stanislas College in Rijswijk. We provided the buffet on location and everyone enjoyed Nicole’s cooking skills. We have also been able to tell about our work in Tanzania. These two activities have again generated some money for our account so we can do beautiful things on our next trip.


Mokicco June 2019

When I am writing this newsletter to You it is a rainy morning at Kilimanjaro. And that is not the only rainy morning now – we have had a long period of rain. Within two weeks I will be back in Sweden for preaching – and also informing about our children work and our expanding work to help poor people. It will be good to come to Sweden to get some hot weather! I could never imagine that I shall say so:  it will be good to leave Africa and go to Europe to get some warm weather!
When I look back to the last month (15.5-15.6) I remember this:

  1. Three built houses for widows and poor women.
  2. Repair of the village road, so that people easy, even if it is raining, can come to a hospital.
  3. Helping people with micro projects.
  4. Opening a new bookshop in Kikatiti.

If I summarize our work as it is today:

  1. 25 family homes where 140 children live. Daily food, lodge, school and concern.
  2. 40 poor children get lunch every school day.
  3. 15 students in our industry school.
  4. Three bookshops.
  5. 15 houses totally built.
  6. Sponsoring of three becoming evangelists.
  7. Repairing a village road.
  8. Helping albino children, deaf children and a lot of poor people.

We can do this because of You – thank You – bless you!



Worldfair Leiden

On Whit Monday we were present with a large booth at the World Fair at the Ethnology Museum in Leiden. Visitors roamed around the market, where the most beautiful handmade and fair trade products from all over the world could be found. Everyone enjoyed tastes from all over the world, watched and listened to various performances and demonstrations or participated in various creative workshops for young and old. Our stand was also well visited and we could tell a lot about our activities. It rained briefly at the end of the day, but that didn’t matter to the visitors.
Gre helped us this day by enthusiastically selling many puppets made by Mrs. Andriesse. Our hair bands also went well.
In short, another successful day with which we have given our Foundation a little more publicity.



Africa Now Festival

On Thursday May 30th we were present with a stand at the Africa Now Festival in the Afrika Museum in Berg en Dal. On Wednesday evening we had already packed the car and left early in the morning at 7.30 am. Once there, the tent was set up and the tables decorated. It is a festival full of music, workshops and activities for everyone and all ages. During this day we have been able to bring our Foundation to the attention of a large audience that is interested in Africa. We have also been able to sell items (which are also in our web store). Many charity organizations were present. It was a nice (long) day. We were home again at 9 p.m.


Mokicco May 2019






Last month I visited Geita and Katoro in the Lake Victoriaregion. There we have four family homes, we give every school day food to 40 poor children in a school (picture) and from there we pay school fees for some albinochildren. So it is necessary sometimes to visit the MOKICCO-people and children there – especially when we have got the praise from the government in that region that MOKICCO has the best children work there.

  When I was there I was presented to a MOKICCO office there. I got a little bit upset asking: “Is our money from good givers going to hire an office?” Then they calmed me down and said: “No, this we do from our own money but from the money we get monthly to help needy children we have got some money left, so we decided to open a place, from where we twice a week could give out maize, sugar and wheat a.s.o. to some poor families.”.  I calmed down and then they took me to meet some of these people who get help from this extra money. One, Stella, had walked without problem for operation, which however failed completely and she became handicapped for life and unable to help her children. Then I got the possibility to meet Rosa and Daniel Masanja – an old couple.  Their home was attacked by robbers, they cut off    her right hand and then tore down their house. Now they live in a small room, offered to them by a neighbor. When I left all these children and people in Geita I felt warm inside, that we – that You – could be a small help for these deprived people. Thank You!





A volunteer with a heart of gold

Mrs. Andriesse (89 years old) crochet dolls for our Foundation. We distributed these dolls to children in Tanzania (but also in Peru, Mongolia and China). In addition, we also sell these dolls in the Netherlands.