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About us


The board of the YOURRIGHT Foundation consists of a number of enthusiastic volunteers who want to offer children a better future.

Many trips around the world have made Nicole and Branko realize that the Dutch standard of living is not the standard for everyone. Previous visits to Tanzaniahave brought us in contact with local initiatives. We started supporting these initiatives , Mokicco and Makini, privately. Because we don’t just want to sent money but also want to make a future-proof difference, we started the Yourright Foundation. Monique is connected in this line of thought. With the three of us, we form the board of the foundation.

In addition, Agnes Erasto Mbwambo and Kabora Mboya in Dar es Salaam are our permanent contacts for our projects in Tanzania.

And for the projects we’ve got the following contacts in Tanzania.
Kituo Baba Oreste – Maurizio and Esther Robino
Green Pastures Orphanage – Pastor Douglas Kiseu
Young Life – Costa Mtweve
MOKICCO – Carl-Erik and Overa Sahlberg