During our stay in Pushkar we engaged in several activities.

On October 11th, we visited the school with which Dunia Lulu Foundation already has a collaboration. This school, currently housed in the house of Laetitia, one of the sponsors from France, teaches children with disabilities. This limitation can be in the autism spectrum, but als deaf chidren or children with Down syndrome receive lessons and guidance here.
We looked at how we could support them with daytime activities. Anyway, contacts have been made with Jyotirgamay Sewa Sansthan. A piece of land has been purchased where a school will be built in due course.

October 12th, we went to hand out clothes in the tentcamp of the children who are involved in the Blue House Project. We had received these children’s clothing , up to 2 years old, from Sibel Damen, a colleague of Branko. We selected the clothes in advance and put them to size. We had the mothers with the small children come over one by one to choose something. The clothing was received with great gratitude. There was something beautiful for every little one.

The next day we visited the after-school care in the Bleu House. Here the children from the tentcamp receive after-school care, homework support and a meal. For the sports activities we bought 2 footballs and also 5 juggling balls. We also bought fruit and some snacks for the children. We have seen how the children are supervised and have helped to prepare the meal.

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